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Discover Magazine 2019

A.A.U. Membership

Utah joins the prestigious Association of American Universities.

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College Rankings

U.S. News & World Report University Rankings.

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Explore the SRI

Deep dive into the new Science Research Initiative.

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Crimson Legacy

Learn about planned giving opportunities.

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Alumni Panel

Distinguished science alumni share their experiences.

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McKay Hyde

Equities Engineering for the New York office of Goldman Sachs.

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Running with Scissors

In gene-targeting, CRISPR makes a really good pair of "scissors".

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Henry S. White - A positive force in Electrochemistry.

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Commutative Algebra

Can commutative algebra help us solve real-world problems?

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Engaging STEM Students

How can we make STEM education more accessible?

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Research Funding

Research funding passes $540 million for 2019.

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Winter 2019

Crimson Laureate Society updates from December 2019.

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Discover Magazine

Discover Magazine is the Research Report for the College of Science at the University of Utah.

This issue explores the Science Research Initiative, CRISPR gene editing, electrochemistry, commutative algebra, physics education research, the Association of American Universities, and the US News College Rankings.

If you would like to recieve a copy of Notebook or Discover Magazine please email