Founders Day Distinguished Alumni

A near-sweep of Founders Day Distinguished Alumni Awards by the College of Science

Stephen Nesbitt

2023 Distinguished Alumni of Atmospheric Sciences.

Jamie Rankin

Researchers document a black hole giving off more light than 1,000 trillion suns.

Stephanie VanBeuge

Lockdowns are something that Stephanie VanBeuge BS’17 knows something about.

Nick Borys

All Nick Borys wanted was a more interesting job.

John Deere DNA

The future of medicine is molecular.

Alex Horn

Major Alex Horn, USAF C-17 Pilot and and University of Utah Biology alumni.

Lindsey Henderson

Leading a revolution in how math is taught in Utah.

Randy Rasmussen

BioFire Diagnostics began with a group of three college friends who came together on the University of Utah campus to collaborate and build a transformative company.

George Seifert

The winningest coach in San Francisco 49er’s history, and a U Biology alumni.