Todd B. Alder

Patent lawyer Todd Alder hasn’t moved far geographically, but career-wise and developmentally it has been a galactic trip.

Nikhil Bhayani, BS’98

Nikhil Bhayani (BS’98) reflects on the way his days were like at U Biology

Diana Montgomery, BS’87

A Principal Scientist at Merck Pharmaceuticals, Diana Montgomery, BS’87, focuses on developing therapeutic proteins as new drugs.

T. Mitchell Aide, PhD’89

In Puerto Rico, biologist and U Distinguished Alumnus Mitch Aide gives 110% to tropical forest conservation.

Ace Madsen

A thriving medical practice in East-Central Utah was spawned at U Biology.

Ed Groenhout, BS’85

All that was needed to become a doctor was to be told at graduation he would never get into med school.

Adam Madsen, BA’06

Adam Madsen, from Ute quarterback to Medical Practice

Cameron Soelberg

An adventurous pioneer in math, physics, business, and travel.

Diana Hulboy, BS’89

Biology in research and then as a subject.

Thomas Stucky, BS’15

NASA engineer and Physics alumni speaks on the Perseverance Rover’s journey to Mars.