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College of Science Internships

Internships are an important part of the learning process for all College of Science students! Whether you plan to go straight into industry after your undergraduate degree, pursue a graduate degree, or apply for professional school, an internship is a fantastic way to learn about your career interests, develop real-world skills, and gain a sense of membership in the industry science and professional community.

And now is the time to start the internship process! The College of Science is here to help you get started, find an internship, make the most of your experience-- and ultimately help you with your personal and professional success.

Available Internships

Available internships with our partner departments and organizations

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Research Opportunities

Gain experience and skills in a research lab.

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Internship Events

Internship & Career-related events for students.

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Academic Credit

Earn university credit for a job or internship.

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Employer Hub

Recruit top-notch students to your organization

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Find the tools, to find the answers, to earn the trophies.

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