Henry Eyring Lecture Hall

The Henry Eyring Chemistry Building

  • Completed: 2004
  • Named for: Henry Eyring
  • Architect: Pollard Architects

The Henry Eyring Building (HEB) is named after Henry Eyring, a Distinguished Professor of Chemistry and Metallurgy (1966-1981) and a former dean of the Graduate School (1946-1966). Dr. Eyring received his Ph.D. in Chemistry from the University of California, Berkeley, and taught in Wisconsin, Berlin, and Berkeley before making his way to Utah in 1946. He was a former president of the American Chemical Society (1963), and the U still has an active ACS student chapter.

The east entrance of HEB

HEB is where most of the large lecture chemistry classes occur, such as general chemistry, organic chemistry, and quantum chemistry. O-chem labs are on the 4th floor and gen chem labs are in the basement. Near the gen chem labs is the larger stockroom for research labs, where liquid nitrogen and dry ice are stored.

There is a popular study area near the gen chem labs, and TAs are available to answer questions. The HEB is also where many faculty have their offices, including the chair of the chemistry department.


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