Aline W. Skaggs BUILDING

Located immediately east of the South Biology Building, the Aline W. Skaggs building was built on the site of the old gymnasium building, later known as the Dance Building. Also demolished for the construction was a small brick building that formerly housed the University seismograph and a small, wooden ex-Army building moved to the site following WWII.

Though designed primarily for research , the new building included two large lecture halls, the largest to seat 350 and where today Frontiers of Science, the University's longest running lecture series, is regularly staged. James Ehleringer was the department chair at the time and instrumental in overseeing the project.

One interesting historical note is that when the building was finished a stand-off developed between the University and the State Legislature concerning funds for operation and maintenance of the building, estimated at $680,000 annually. Though the Skaggs gift, along with a subsequent bond issue to be paid off from research funds, entirely funded the construction, the Legislature made no appropriation to operate it. The Legislature eventually agreed to pay for all but $200,000 of the annual bill.


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