James Detling, PhD’69

James Detling (Ph’69), Grassland Ecologist

Michelle Williams, PhD’87

Distinguished Chemistry Alumni 2019

Doon Gibbs, BS’63

Doon Gibbs is currently the Director of Brookhaven National Laboratory in Upton, […]

Amy Davis, PhD’03

“I enjoy learning about how infectious diseases have shaped human history because […]

Dale C. Larsen, BS’59

A DDS with a life-long passion for aviation.

Jason Allen, BS’01

Jason Allen knew early on of the opportunities the state’s flagship research […]

Alumni VS Coronavirus

Utah biotech companies rally to fight the coronavirus.

Steve Mimnaugh, BS’73

An ER physician moonlights as a writer, a river runner for those with disabilities & a ’70s-’80s-styled rock-n-roller

George Elliott, PhD’81

A life of public service in U.S. patents & trademarks inspires a planned gift to U Biology.

Jim Kaschmitter, BS’72

From copper mines to NiCo batteries to experimental aircraft, Jim Kaschmitter likes new challenges.