From Curious Volunteer to Dinosaur Discoverer

From Curious Volunteer to Dinosaur Discoverer Jul 08, 2024 Above: Savhannah Carpenters […]

Meet Lokiceratops: Giant Blade-Wielding Dinosaur

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Backtracking Core: Earth’s Inner Dynamics Unveiled

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Cool Science: Monitoring earthquakes in Utah

Cool science: Monitoring Earthquakes in Utah April 22, 2024 Above: Keith Koper, […]

Placing geology at the foundation of essential discoveries

Placing geology at foundation of essential discoveries March 29, 2024 | Carleton […]

Cataract Canyon Comes Back to Life

Cataract Canyon Comes Back to Life February 18, 2024 | Rolling Stone

A Utah Fossil’s Journey to Harvard

A Utah fossil’s journey to Harvard   The 500-million-year-old fossil doesn’t stick […]

Volcanism That Drove Ancient Global Warming

Volcanism that Drove ANCIENT Global Warming Geological evidence extracted from the floor […]

Loudest Stadium … according to science

Geoscience and football meet at Rice-Eccles U seismologists share seismic data from […]

What can earthquake ‘swarms’ tell us about seismicity in the West?

Earthquake Swarms Most of the earthquakes rumbling under the West’s Great Basin […]