Summer Chemistry Enrichment Program

This summer chemistry program is offered to qualified high school students, who have completed either their junior or sophomore year, and have one or more years of chemistry completed. Eight hours of credit are awarded. This credit will be applied toward University of Utah graduation requirements. It will satisfy the general education requirement in the physical and life sciences and it is also transferable credit.

Who: Qualified high school students who have completed sophomore or junior year and completed at least one year of chemistry

When: Summer

Where: Chemistry Department

Contact: For more information, please contact Professor Charles Atwood, Department of Chemistry at (801) 581-4383 or e-mail at

Fee: $1,500 registration fee. If a student is nominated by a teacher for this program, they will receive a $500 scholarship. They can then apply for a bonus scholarship of up to $700. With the scholarships included, students may only pay $500 in order to participate.