Excellence in Education Award for Ingebretsen

Richard Ingebretsen named Excellence in Education Awardee

For his deep involvement with and encouragement of student education at the U, Dr. Richard J. Ingebretsen, has been named the Salt Lake University Institute of Religion's Excellence in Education Awardee. Associate Dean of the College of Science, Ingebretsen is also a Professor of Physics & Astronomy and a practicing physician.

Science Graduate Named Fulbright Scholar

Science Student Named Fulbright Scholar

Earning degrees in Biology and Spanish with a minor in International Studies, Jason Chen is one of this year's exceptional College of Science graduates. Chen received prestigious Fulbright Scholarship, which he will use to work and study in Mexico, starting this August, and will attend medical school afterwards. Congratulations, Jason!

Earthlike 'Star Wars' Tatooines may be Common

Earthlike 'Star Wars' Tatooines may be common

Long believed to be impossible, Utah astrophysicists Ben Bromley and Scott Kenyon have determined that rocky planets can form in binary star systems, meaning that two-sun planets, like Tatooine in the 'Star Wars' franchise, may be common in the universe.

New Layer in Earth's Mantle

New Layer in Earth's Mantle Discovered

A new study headed by Utah scientists has found a new layer in the Earth, about 930 miles below the surface! This discovery can explain the different types of magma in volcanoes, and why Earth's tectonic plates sometimes stall and sink at that depth.

Molecular ruler sets bacterial needle length

New understanding of how bacteria determine the correct length of injectosomes

Bacteria use needle-like "injectosomes" to inject proteins into healthy cells. Now, Utah biologists Kelly Hughes and Daniel Wee have determined how bacteria perfectly tailor the length of these needles, with significant implications for disease treatment and nanomachines.

Two Science Faculty Win Governor's Science Medals

Four U faculty win governor's science medals

Four University of Utah professors have won the Governor's Medal for Science and Technology, including, Distinguished Professors of Biology Phyllis Coley and Erik Jorgenson, who were selected for their exceptional contributions to workforce development and STEM education in Utah.