Science Friday

KUER Science Friday delves into Big Data

Some believers in big data have claimed that, in big data sets, “the numbers speak for themselves.” However, that may not be the case.  Read More.

Braxton Osting

Refining Key Algorithms for Data Analysis

We live in the Information Age. The digital revolution ushered in an era of unprecedented computing power and development, particularly in data storage capacity.  Read More.

MSNBC Nalini Nadkarni

U Program Introduces Science to Prison Inmates

While “maternal” is not generally a word used to describe several jail inmates crowding around a bucket of baby fish, gazing tenderly at the little creatures, it was the only word Celeste Henrickson could think of.Read More.



Marc Porter

Rare tuberculosis case shows difficulty diagnosing and treating children

Drug-resistant tuberculosis is a global health threat, and it's particularly challenging for young children who are harder even to diagnose, much less treat.  Read More. 

Cynthia Burrows

New Way to Detect DNA Damage

University of Utah chemists devised a new way to detect chemical damage to DNA that sometimes leads to genetic mutations responsible for many diseases, including various cancers and neurological disorders. Read More.

On Golden's Ice Pond

On Golden's Ice Pond

Oceanographers, marine biologists and geologists are the scientists most commonly associated with studying changes in sea ice. But these days, it just might be a mathematician drilling ice cores in the Antarctic. Read More.