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Glucose-fueled power source delivers high-energy bursts for medical implants

Glucose-Fueled Power Source Delivers High-Energy Bursts For Medical Implants

Because glucose is energy dense and abundant in the body, scientists have been trying to use it in fuel cells to power medical implants. Glucose fuel cells made so far store a large amount of energy but cannot deliver it in the quick bursts that an implant, such as a pacemaker or brain stimulator, needs. Now, researchers have made a compact device that delivers such bursts by combining a biofuel cell with a supercapacitor.  Read More.

Nature Videos Made Violent Prisoners More Peaceful

Nature Videos Made Violent Prisoners More Peaceful

Prisons are about as devoid of nature as a place can get. The concrete and steel only adds to the misery and rage felt by those confined inside.  Read More.


Nalini Nadkarni

Ecology on the Runway

University of Utah ecologist Nalini Nadkarni is no fashion mogul. But she is a scientist actively engaged in public outreach, working to bring the wonder and curiosity of the natural world to people, even those who may have no interest in natural history museums, nature documentaries or natural history magazines.Read More.

Zika Genome

Clues in Zikas Genome

The rapid spread of the Zika virus has researchers working to find vulnerabilities in the virus and develop a treatment. At the University of Utah, chemists Cynthia Burrows and Aaron Fleming used RNA structures called G-quadruplexes as genetic landmarks to compare Zika with other related viruses. In a new study, Burrows and Fleming describe how the pattern of G-quadruplexes in Zika’s genome suggests a possible drug target.  Read More.

Summer Internship Program

CSME Summer Internship Program

The College of Science’s Center for Science and Math Education (CSME) successfully launched a pilot program to provide summer student internships to local science- and technology-based companies.  Read More.

Thure Cerling

2016 Class of AGU Fellows Announced

The American Geophysical Union has chosen 60 new Fellows and will honor them at the upcoming 2016 Fall Meeting in San Francisco, Calif.  Read More.

Last Updated: 8/18/16