Wilkes Center

Wilkes Center Climate Prize Winner

Winner of Wilkes Center Climate Prize   Lumen Bioscience is the inaugural […]

Climate-Resilient Western Grid

Gird YOUR Grid   The Western Interconnected Grid, commonly known as “the […]

Finalists vie for historic $1.5M Wilkes Climate Prize

Finalists vie for historic $1.5M Wilkes Climate Prize   A protein-rich bean […]

Synthesis 2023

Wilkes Center, Applied Science Project and stories from throughout the merged College.

GSL is Becoming Too Salty to Support Life

GSL: Too Salty TO SUPPORT LIFE?     Antelope Island, the largest […]

A Stark Message from Maui

A Stark Message From Maui   Earth’s rapidly changing climate is taking […]

Sister Cities Panel

Wilkes Center hosts climate change panel between Sister City leaders Addressing climate […]