Geology & Geophysics

Remembering Marta Weeks

Remembering Marta Weeks   Marta Sutton Weeks-Wulf, a philanthropist who was instrumental […]

A Utah Fossil’s Journey to Harvard

A Utah fossil’s journey to Harvard   The 500-million-year-old fossil doesn’t stick […]

Anke Friedrich inducted into Crimson Club Hall of Fame

Anke Friedrich Inductee, Crimson CLUB Hall of Fame   It’s not every […]

Volcanism That Drove Ancient Global Warming

Volcanism that Drove ANCIENT Global Warming Geological evidence extracted from the floor […]

GSL is Becoming Too Salty to Support Life

GSL: Too Salty TO SUPPORT LIFE?     Antelope Island, the largest […]

How Magma is stored beneath Yellowstone

Randall Irmis, New Fulbright Awardee

What can earthquake ‘swarms’ tell us about seismicity in the West?

Earthquake Swarms Most of the earthquakes rumbling under the West’s Great Basin […]

U seismologists probe Earth’s inner core

At the center of Earth is a solid metal ball, a kind […]

The ‘Rite Stuff

THE ‘Rite Stuff A U planetary scientist helped analyze and name the […]