Faculty Awards

2024 Sloan Research Fellow

Rodrigo Noriega, 2024 Sloan Research Fellow   The Alfred P. Sloan Foundation […]

Chemist Jessica Swanson Named 2024 Cottrell Scholar

U Chemist Jessica Swanson Named 2024 Cottrell Scholar   Jessica Swanson, assistant […]

outstanding contribution to cosmology

Cocconi Prize, outstanding contribution to cosmology   Kyle Dawson (right) and eBOSS […]

Vahe Bandarian – 2023 ACS Fellow

Vahe Bandarian has been selected as one of the 2023 American Chemical […]

William Anderegg Receives Blavatnik Award

William Anderegg RECEIVES Blavatnik Award On July 26, the Blavatnik Family Foundation […]

2023 Best Chemists

Peter Stand and P. B. Armentrout ranked best chemists at U

Ramón Barthelemy Out to Innovate

Photo Credit: Matthew Crawley Ramón Barthelemy wins 2023 LGBTQ+ Educator of the […]

Randy Irmis receives Fulbright Scholar Award

“How we look at fossils,” says paleontologist Randy Irmis in a 2016 […]

2023 Outstanding Undergraduate Research Mentors

Hallar and Rog, Outstanding Research Mentors

Zhigang Zak Fang: Humboldt Award

Forest Ecologist Lissy Coley Elected to NAS