Jon Wang: Urban forests and the carbon budget

An Earth systems scientist finds a life-long field trip in Utah.

3 Numbers that Changed My Life

A math graduate wants to tell you about 3 numbers that changed her life.

Mathematical Biology Adds Up

Randall Irmis, New Fulbright Awardee

Outstanding Undergrad Research Awards 2023

The University of Utah is one of the top research academic institutions […]

1U4U Initiative

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Balance & Bliss: Aria Ballance

Balance & Bliss: Aria Ballance and extraterrestrial molecules

Revisiting Carbon Offset Protocols

US forests face an unclear future with climate change

Outstanding Grad Student

Molecular Ecologist Dylan Klure, Outstanding Graduate Student Awardee

Fulbright Award

Randall Irmis, New Fulbright Awardee

Birth Cry of a black hole

New study questions decades-long understanding of gamma ray bursts