Remembering Alan Rigby

Remembering Alan D. Rigby 1969-2024 On January 2, 2024 Alan David Rigby […]

Photo of Karen Zundel

Here Comes Trouble Shooting

School of Biological Science’s Karen Zundel wins Outstanding Staff Award 2023

Star Trek

To boldly know what no one has known before.

Teaching Excellence

Tabitha Buehler has been recognized with a Distinguished Teaching Award from the University of Utah.

Teaching Excellence

Gail Zasowski, Assistant Professor in the Department of Physics & Astronomy, has been awarded an Early Career Teaching Award from the University of Utah.

Paul Ricketts

We love helping the community explore the stars and learn more about the universe around them.

Lauren Bustamante

Senior Academic Advisor for the Department of Mathematics.

Staff: Cyri Dixon

Cyri Dixon wins Outstanding Advisor of 2021!

Staff: Jose Rojas

Facilities manager at the School of Biological Sciences for 20 years, Jose […]

Staff: James Muller

Staff Excellence Award   The College of Science is pleased to announce […]