South Physics Building

South Physics Building The  South Physics Building was built in 1930. It […]

South Biology Building

South Biology BUILDING Completed: 1967 Architect: William F. Thomas

Thatcher Building

THOMAS THATCHER BUILDING Completed: 1967 Named for: Thomas Thatcher, Donor Architect: ?? […]

Fletcher Building

James Fletcher BUILDING The James Fletcher Building is home to the Physics […]

Skaggs Building

Aline W. Skaggs BUILDING Completed: 1998 Named for: Aline Wilmot Skaggs – […]

Eyring Building

Henry Eyring BUILDING Completed: 2004 Named for: Henry Eyring Architect: Pollard Architects The Henry […]

Widtsoe Building

JOHN A. WIDTSOE BUILDING Completed: 1901 Named for: John A. Widtsoe, President […]

Cowles Building

LEROY E. COWLES BUILDING Completed: 1901 Named for: Leroy E. Cowles, President […]

Crocker Science Center

Crocker Science Center The University of Utah dedicated its new Gary and […]