James Talmage Building

Original site of the medical school

South Physics Building

Headquarters of Physics & Astronomy

South Biology Building

South Biology BUILDING Completed: 1967 Architect: William F. Thomas

Thatcher Building

Curie Club and chemistry labs

Fletcher Building

Sweigart lecture hall and the heart of physics

Skaggs Building

Cell bridge and Brio coffee

Henry Eyring Building

The historical home of Chemistry

Widtsoe Building

JOHN A. WIDTSOE BUILDING Completed: 1901 Named for: John A. Widtsoe, President […]

Cowles Building

LEROY E. COWLES BUILDING Completed: 1901 Named for: Leroy E. Cowles, President […]

Crocker Science Center

Crocker Science Center The University of Utah dedicated its new Gary and […]