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Goldwater Scholars 2024

4 College of Science Students take the Goldwater

ACCESS: Margaret Call

Margaret Call: Pathfinder   Finding your path in life is rarely as […]

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Humans of the U: Katya Podkovyroff Lewis

Humans at the U

2023 Goldwater Scholars

4 College of Science Students take the Goldwater

Luke Reuschel

Nothing compares to when the pilot puts the jet into full throttle.

Anna Tang

Mathematics is a key in our hands that is able to fit almost any lock in the world.

Jessica Venegas

I’ve always wanted to go to the U because that’s where I was born.

Melissa Hardy

I am a researcher combining organic chemistry and data science to advance public health.

Amir Hosseini

My biggest inspiration is understanding how nature behaves and using fundamental science to solve real-world problems.