Student Spotlight

Melissa Hardy

I am a researcher combining organic chemistry and data science to advance public health.

Amir Hosseini

My biggest inspiration is understanding how nature behaves and using fundamental science to solve real-world problems.

Ty Mellor

I think there is a ton of potential for research in aging and disease.

Sage Blackburn

Meet the Department of Mathematics newest Academic Advisor.

Research Scholar

Tiffany Do named 2022 Undergraduate Research Scholar.

Phi Beta Kappa

Muskan Walia Named Phi Beta Kappa Society Scholar.

Fulbright Scholar

Rose Godfrey named 2022 Fulbright Scholar.

Outstanding Graduate Student

Daniel Powell named 2022 College of Science Outstanding Graduate Student.

Research Scholar

Tyler Ball has been named the 2022 College of Science Research Scholar.

Outstanding Post-Doc

Amir Hosseini has received an Outstanding Post-Doctoral Fellow Award from the College of Science.