11 Billion Years

Kyle Dawson and a global consortium of astrophysicists have created the world’s largest three-dimensional map of the universe, a project 20 years in the making that researchers say helps better explain the history of the cosmos.

Forest Futures

Forests absorb a significant amount of the carbon dioxide that’s emitted into the atmosphere—And this sponge for CO2 is incredibly valuable to us.

Christoph Boehme

Physics & Astronomy selects Christoph Boehme as Department Chair.

Courtship Condos

Playing to the ethic of pursuing pure science, new faculty member Dean […]

Tino Nyawelo

Finding Refuge in Education   by Lisa Potter

Running with Scissors

One could argue that the age of genomes is divided between before […]


Henry S. White – A Positive Force in Electrochemistry   From energy […]

Commutative Algebra

Can commutative algebra solve real-world problems? “When we first study advanced math, […]

Engaging STEM Students

How can we make STEM education more inclusive and effective?

TreeTop Barbie

When Nalini Nadkarni was a young scientist in the 1980s, she wanted […]