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Condensed Matter Research Group

The universe within by Christoph Boehme The Department of Physics & Astronomy […]

Nematode proteins shed light on infertility

Nematode proteins shed light on infertility   We have two copies of […]

CO2 changes over past 66 M years

CO2 Atmospheric changes Carbon dioxide has not been as high as today’s […]

How Microbes Combat Climate Change

How microbes can combat climate change Chemist Jessica Swanson works with bacteria […]

Cold Fog & Complex Terrain

Cold fog & Complex Terrain   You might not initially think of […]

Second highest-energy cosmic ray ever

second highest-energy cosmic ray ever   In 1991, the University of Utah […]

Isotopes: Science’s Common Currency

isotopes: Science’s Common Currency   From tracking the routes of water throughout […]

A Utah Fossil’s Journey to Harvard

A Utah fossil’s journey to Harvard   The 500-million-year-old fossil doesn’t stick […]

‘Lunar Forge’ Project at NASA

‘LUNAR FORGE’ AT NASA   College students are often told to “shoot […]

Ingredients for Data Science

Ingredients for Data Science   Data science is crucial — but can […]