Safety Awards


Each year, the Safety Committee recognizes leaders within the College of Science who have contributed significantly to creating a safe learning and working environment. The Safety Awards highlight leadership throughout the College that demonstrate leadership in safety in the lab, in the classroom and in the workplace.

EHS Partnership Award

The EHS Partnership Award is given to an individual or group who exemplifies what it means to partner with the campus Environmental Health and Safety team to create a safer work environment for themselves and those around them.

2023 EHS Partnership Awardee: Peter Armentrout

Dr. Peter Armentrout

Distinguished Professor of Chemistry Peter Armentrout is the recipient of the 2023 EHS Partnership Award. Armentrout was recognized with this award because of his tireless efforts to promote safety within his department and finding opportunities to leverage the support of the Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) Department at the University of Utah.

“My group and I are honored to have been awarded the inaugural Environmental Health and Safety Partnership Award. This is a testament to our continued commitment to conducting research in the safest manner possible. As our research utilizes high voltages, compressed gas cylinders, radioactive elements, and occasionally toxic compounds, we have tried to provide a safe environment for handling these items for all participants, which includes undergraduate students, graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, and national and international visitors. The partnership award shows that we have been responsive to suggestions from EHS regarding how we can improve our safety protocols."

Learn more about Amentrout's EHS award at the Department of Chemistry's website.


Excellence in Safety Award

The Excellence in Safety Award was created to highlight the efforts of those members of our College of Science community who go the extra mile to prioritize safety in the workplace. The individual receiving this annual award is someone who exemplifies a culture of safety, not through perfection or the absence of mistakes, but rather through the recognition of areas for growth and the determination and drive to continually improve the safety of their work environment and of those around them.

2023 Excellence in Safety Awardee: Maria Garcia

Maria Garcia

Research Associate in the Department of Atmospheric Sciences, Maria Garcia is the recipient of the 2023 Excellence in Safety Award. Garcia has taken great strides to improve safety within her department and throughout the College of Science.

Dr. Gannet Hallar, who nominated Garcia for the Safety Award, credits her leadership and collaboration skills. "Maria Garcia is an exceptional staff member, and we are very fortunate to have her within our college. Maria spends a significant amount of time working with undergraduate and graduate students, in the lab and doing fieldwork.  She instructs them how to work safely in both environments, as well as giving them guidance on their work.  Through empathy and respect, she successfully builds rapport and trust with students which allows for positive learning outcomes."


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