AAAS Membership

Valeria Molinero joins the prestigious ranks of the American Academy.

Patterns in Sound

Exciting new math research by Fernando Guevara Vasquez.

Amanda Cangelosi

Amanda Cangelosi, instructor (lecturer) in the Mathematics Department, has received the 2021 Early Career Teaching Award from the University of Utah.

Sloan Research Fellow

Luisa Whittaker-Brooks awarded prestigious 2021 Sloan Research Fellowship.

Cottrell Scholar

Dr. Gail Zasowski, assistant professor of the Department of Physics & Astronomy, has been named a 2021 Cottrell Scholar.

The Science of Sea Ice

Ken Golden brings the principles of mathematics to some of Earth’s most remote and most vulnerable environments.

Carsten Rott

Carsten Rott appointed to the Jack W. Keuffel Memorial Chair in Physics & Astronomy.

Priyam Patel

Visualizing the Topology of Surfaces

SRI Leaders

Join the Science Research Initiative faculty.

Karl Schwede

Professor Karl Schwede, University of Utah Department of Mathematics, named Fellow of American Mathematical Society.