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students enjoy state-of-the-art labsThe College of Science is one of the largest colleges within the University of Utah, offering undergraduate and graduate degrees in biology, chemistry, mathematics, and physics & astronomy.

The college supports some 2,000 undergraduate Math and Science majors and 425 graduate students as well as 155 tenured or tenure-track faculty, hundreds of adjunct and auxiliary faculty, postdoctoral fellows, research assistants and lab technicians.

student working in physics laboratory

The college receives more than $35 million in external research funding each year, which is roughly ten percent of the university’s total external research revenue.

Each department is ranked in the top 60 in the U.S. in their discipline (with Mathematics and Chemistry in the top 30) and offers a full range of degree programs including doctorate.

World-class faculty study everything from the largest-scale structures in the universe down to single atoms and molecules; from the most fundamental and abstract mathematical ideas to innovations that can be developed and brought directly to the marketplace.

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SIRFER Stable Isotope Ratio Facility for Environmental Research