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SRI Research Streams

Research Streams

Neural Networks

Neural Networks SRI Research STREAM

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Electrosynthetic Chemistry

Electrosynthetic Chemistry SRI Research STREAM

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Cellular Biology

Cellular Biology SRI Research STREAM

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Molecular Architectures

Development of Unexplored Molecular Architectures

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Biological Invaders

Fox Squirrel Biology Research STREAM

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Current Students

current sri students

Contact the SRI Director to discuss your options.

Currently, SRI is designed for first- and second-year students. After your second year, talk with your stream leader if you would like to continue working in their lab.

Currently, the SRI is for the fall and spring semesters only. A summer program is under development for the future.

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SRI Leaders

Inspire the Next Generation

The Science Research Initiative (SRI) creates opportunities for first-year and transfer students to join a research lab in the College of Science, to begin to learn and master the skills they will need for a successful career in a STEM field.

Faculty can lead a stream of SRI students (3-10 students) in their lab on a project of their choosing, that relates to overall research productivity. By participating, faculty can helpĀ students gain research skills and mentorship that lead to academic retention, a more positive undergraduate experience and paths to graduate school.

The SRI process:

  1. First-year students, upon accepted to the University of Utah, can apply to the SRI if they intend to declare a major in the College of Science.
  2. Upon admittance to the SRI, students are placed into research streams - a group of fellow students working together in the same lab.
  3. Once in a lab, the stream is taught the necessary lab skills they will need, as well as begin creating community with their fellow students, faculty, and research lab members.
  4. Students work with their stream for an academic year. They will then have the choice to continue with the SRI for a second year, becoming mentors for the next cohort of students, or leaving the lab for new opportunities.

We want you to be involved! Email the SRI Director today.

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