College of Science Safety Committees

The College has an established safety committee consisting of the Dean or their representative, Chairs of each departmental safety committee or departmental nominee, and the Associate Director of Safety for the College. This committee is charged with communicating and ensuring compliance with University requirements and directives, serving as a resource to faculty, staff, and students, and developing plans and initiatives to meet requirements while promoting a culture of safety.
The committee has identified objectives to improve safety across the College during the 2020 and 2021 Academic years. Progress toward the objectives is measured through planning, discussion, and reports at committee meetings. Ideas for areas of improvement can be communicated through departmental safety committees or directly to a college safety committee member.
Current Members
David Carrier - School of Biological Sciences Safety Committee Chair
Aaron Fogelson - Mathematics Safety Coordinator
Charlie Jui - Physics and Astronomy Safety Committee Chair
Ryan Looper - Chemistry Safety Committee Chair
Peter Trapa - Dean, College of Science
Sarah Morris-Benavides - Chair, College of Science Safety Committee