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Undergraduate Students

Undergraduate STUDENTS

Academic Resources

Resources for academic success.

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Scholarships, Grants & Financial Aid

Scholarships for first-year, undergraduate and graduate students.

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Academic Advising

Student advising, forms, and other academic needs.

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Science Ambassadors

Delivering science with a smile.

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Science Internships

Gain skills, network, and learn about a possible future career.

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Undergraduate Opportunities

Employment Opportunities

Career & Professional Development at the U of U.

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Honors College

Innovation across all disciplines.

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Research Opportunities

Maximize your education with real lab experience.

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Goldwater Winner

2018 Churchill Scholar

Goldwater Winner

2019 Research Scholar

2020 Research Scholar

2016 Churchill Scholar

2020 Churchill Scholar

Cameron Owen 2018 Churchill Scholar

2019 Churchill Scholar

2017 Churchill Scholar

Rachel Cantrell

Student Resources

We're here to help. The College of Science offers a wide range of programs designed to improve the educational and social opportunities of students. We invite you to return frequently and learn about the opportunities available.

ACCESS Program for Women in Science and Mathematics

ACCESS is a science and mathematics summer program for women in science and offers $3,500 financial support as well as research laboratory experience one semester during the freshman year.

Science Day at the U

Each fall, high school students are invited to campus to attend a day of science-related workshops with science professors and academic advice. This annual event is absolutely free to students, parents and educators. Lunch is provided.

Chemistry High School Summer Program

The Chemistry High School summer program is available for current sophomores and juniors. The course provides a daily, hands on experience with integrated labs.

Math Circle

Each fall, high school students meet weekly with professors and graduate students to extend their mathematical understanding and problem solving skills.

Summer Mathematics Program for High School Students

The Summer Mathematics Program provides outstanding students an opportunity to develop their talents to the fullest. By presenting intriguing puzzles, challenging problems and powerful ideas the program lays the foundation for future work in mathematics, the sciences, or science related careers.

University Science and Engineering Fair

University Science and Engineering Fair is an annual science competition for students grades 5-12 to stimulate student interest in science and technology.